I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma.  I have been a builder from my earliest memories, always fascinated with shape, structure, and design.  During high school I developed a deep love of music and eventually decided to pursue music composition as a major in college.  At first, this decision seemed incongruous with my lifelong love of physical design and building.  However, music composition at its core is very similar to architecture and design, albeit with invisible structures held together by pitch, rhythm, and timbre as its building blocks.

I completed a bachelor of music in music composition in 2004 and a master of music in music composition in 2008, both from Oklahoma City University.

After graduating with my master’s degree I founded a woodworking and design business called Geometric Innovations LLC that specializes in the creation of one-off custom furniture pieces.

I have been self-employed with Geometric Innovations since that time and it is my primary source of income, but I still compose music as often as I am able.  I readily accept commissions for music and woodworking projects whenever they arise.

I currently reside in Oklahoma City with my wife and two children.